Whoop Whoop!!!

You just took the first BIG step!

Now, it’s time to take the next step,

scheduling your intro lesson in the

calendar with a QueenBee.

Click this link to automagically

 Choose a time 

for your 1st lesson! 

You should also receive an email inviting

you to join our student portal.

This is a very important tool in our Hive,

“bee” sure to set that up!

If you have ANY questions,

feel free to shoot our

QueenBee Francesca Valle

a text @ 562-305-6033.


BugByte Studio Agreement

This agreement is between students

(or guardians of students) and BugByte Studios.

In order to take lessons with our teachers,

consent to these terms is mandatory.

Please discuss any questions or concerns

you may have with BugByte staff.

I. Payment and Billing

A. New Clients-

All new clients are required to maintain their credit

card or banking information in their Student Profile.

You will receive an email with your login

credentials immediately upon sign up.

All clients are charged weekly, whether they have a

lesson scheduled for the week or not.

II. Attendance

A. Absence- A twelve (12) hour notice of

cancellation is  necessary in order to receive

a make-up lesson. Students can receive

up to 2 make-up lessons per quarter.

If 12 hours notice is not received, the

 client will not receive a make-up lesson.

B. Tardiness- BugByte expects students to arrive on

time for scheduled lessons. If you are running late,

 let your teacher know as soon as possible via text

or email. It is the teacher’s prerogative to

accommodate or deny pushing your lesson back.

There is no discount price to accommodate time

lost to tardiness. After ten minutes with no

contact, the Zoom room will close.

You will receive an exercise to work on

from your teacher via an email also

accessible in the student portal.