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Welcome to BugByte Studios, one of America’s most highly decorated vocal and artist development collectives. At BugByte, we specialize in developing the many facets of an artist to help them find their true voice. In our “Hive” you will have the benefit of working with both NurseBees (our primary instructors) and QueenBees (our master instructors) to build a diverse set of skills that will involve more than just singing. With us, you will not only work on singing technique but also on songwriting, accompaniment and performance skill to help you become the most well-rounded artist you can be, whether your goals are to teach, record and perform on stage, lead songs around a campfire, or, just sing at karaoke nights! Our BugByte Performer’s Path will give you measurable results and benchmarks to help get you closer to your goals quickly, and efficiently with the support of an entire team of educators focused on your success and the success of our entire Hive. 

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