How can we help?


How can I find out more about pricing?

If you click here you will learn more about BugByte studios pricing and subscription options. We are truly here to help you get the best experience possible in a supportive and productive learning environment. We are so committed to this value that we will even refund you the cost of your intro lesson if it feels like a poor fit. Just notify us within 24 hours and we’ll take care of you!


What is BugByte?

BugByte is a vocal and artist development collective that strives to empower our clients with more than just singing technique but also on songwriting, accompaniment and performance skills to help you become the most well rounded artist you can be. We’ve been supporting artists for literally decades as they live out their dreams! Here at BugByte we push to have an inclusive, positive, loving environment where you can 🐝  who you were always meant to 🐝 !


What if I have never done anything with music before? Is this too advanced for me?

We work with individuals at any point in their musical journey to help them achieve their goals and hone their craft. You do not have to come to us with any experience in order for us to work with you! In our Flight Path you will see from shower singer to teaching apprentice we are here for YOU no matter where you are in your journey!

What if I don’t have any online presence?

Not a problem! Here at the hive we have plenty of teacher 🐝’s with a variety of skillsets to help teach you the best ways to build your brand and your online presence, we want to get you to a place where we can empower you to give you the tools to get into the drivers seat of your career path. Here are our mentors!

How do I start?

I am glad you asked! Click here to register!


How do I contact you?

Any questions not answered on the FAQ can and will be answered in person in your first introductory lesson with the Queen 🐝 !!

Do you teach kids?
We teach anyone at at any age!
Do you teach hobbiests?
Yes! No matter what your goals are with your music we want to help make all your dreams a reality! We want you to have fun with it.
Do you teach teachers?
We absolutely do, we want our teachers to be ready to help and have the tools to do so.
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