Little Orange Bug Records

Tired of creating music in isolation? Our team of recording artists, engineers, and producers thrives on virtual collaboration with musicians worldwide. With 21st-century online production, you can bring your music to life without breaking the bank on expensive studios and travel. We prioritize collaboration and offer a helping hand to artists of all levels, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable recording process. Plus, we offer affordable options with the flexibility to split payments, making recording accessible to all budgets. 

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Don’t have a demo yet? We can help get your arrangements together. Even if all you have is a voice memo on your phone, our producers can bring your vision to life.

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Elevate your recording sessions with our professional materials. We transform basic audio, even from your phone’s voice memos, into PDF chord charts, MIDI tempo maps, and audio files. Essential for booking sessions with our players, these materials are also perfect for live performances. Be the singer with stunning charts in hand. #ProStatus

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WiseJack Digital Marketing

WiseJack strives to empower our clients. We work every day with artists and soloprenuers to bring your brands to the masses.

So you recorded an album, now what? How do you get that on itunes?! You started a studio but no one knows about it? We can help!

Our WiseJacks will work closely with you to get your creations branded and seen buy the right audiences, with a style that is both authentic and strategic.

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Social Media Services

Our social media experts can take social media off of your plate completely. Or, if you prefer, we can coach you thru your socials and help you automate as much as we can!

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Project Consultation

Our team is focused on educating and empowering clients on the best ways to design, brand and promote their new projects.


Logo & Website Design

It’s important to is that our clients feel comfortable updating their own websites but we also offer maintenance services.


Valle Voice

Our founder, Francesca Valle, has taught tens of thousands of lessons and has Grammy & Emmy award winning clients. With more than 2 decades of teaching experience and beloved client community, Francesca is an internationally contracted clinician, columnist and performer available for hire. With a strong reputation for quick results, Francesca’s clientele is peppered with touring singers, studio royalty, up and comers and even serious hobbyists. 

A versatile and future thinking artist and business owner, Francesca’s consultation is available to individuals and corporations.  

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